Speaking Engagements

Speaker, The Trademark Preliminary Injunction, State Bar of Georgia, Atlanta, GA, April 2016.

Speaker, 2nd Annual CLE in the Gardens, State Bar of Arizona, Phoenix, AZ, April 2016.

Speaker, 21st Annual IP Institute, State Board of Georgia, Amelia Island, FL, September 2015.

Speaker and US Program Leader, INTA's 137th Annual Meeting, San Diego, CA, May 2015.

Course co-planner and speaker, Mock Preliminary Injunction Argument (Trademark Infringement), 9th Annual Intellectual Property Law Institute Conference, Philadelphia, PA, April 28-29, 2015. 

Speaker, INTA's 136th Annual Meeting, Hong Kong, May 2014.

Speaker, INTA's 135th Annual Meeting, Dallas, TX, May 2013.

Speaker, INTA’s 134th Annual Meeting, Washington DC, May 2012.

Course Planner and speaker, PBI’s 6th Annual IP Law Institute, Philadelphia, PA, April 2012.

Course Planner, PBI’s 5th Annual IP LAW Institute, Philadelphia, PA, April 2011.

Speaker, IQPC Global IP Exchange, Amelia Island, FL, March 2011.

Speaker, Business Law Institute, Philadelphia, PA, November 2010.

Participant as Counsel for Plaintiff, Mock Preliminary Injunction Hearing – Trademark Infringement, 25th Annual IP Law Conference of ABA's Section of Intellectual Property Law, April 2010. 

Course Planner, PBI’s 4th Annual Intellectual Property Law Institute, April 2010. 

Presenter, The Fundamentals for Protecting Your Competitive Edge: Using Intellectual Property Law To Protect Your Company’s Assets and Fend off Your Competition, Pittsburgh seminar, March 2010.

Presenter, IP Licensing Agreements: Fundamentals, Strategies & Considerations, Pittsburgh seminar, October 2009. 


'Hey, I Own That!' Safeguarding Brands and Marks, and Civility & Professionalism in the Courtroom and Practice, Pennsylvania Bar Institute's Gulf Coast Conference, Marco Island, Florida, January 2009.

US Legal System in IP Cases, IQPC Global Patent Congress, Copenhagen, Denmark, September 2008.

Extraordinary Remedies & Counterfeits, PBI Intellectual Property Law Institute, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, April 2008.

Pre-Litigation Strategy, Discovery & Experts, PBI Intellectual Property Law Institute, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, April 2008.

IP Licensing Agreements: How to Protect Your Trademarks, Copyrights and Patents, Delaware Valley Association of Corporate Counsel Seminar, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, February 2008.

IP Issues in Business Transactions, PBI Seminar, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, June 2007.

Stopping Importation of Infringing Products, PBI Seminar, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, December 2006.

How to Protect Your Company’s IP, PBI Business Lawyers’ Institute, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, October 2006.

Intellectual Property Law Primer, PBI Seminar in Malvern, Pennsylvania, August 2006.

Crafting a Records Management Program, PBI Business Lawyers’ Institute, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, October 2004.

What’s New In New Jersey: Lien Claimant Entitled To Discovery To Prove Claim, Construction Law News, June 2004.

Intellectual Property in Business Transactions, PBI Seminar in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, January 2004.

E-Commerce Legal and Practical Issues, PBI Seminar in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, December 2003.

Creating Centers of Influence, presented at an MC Architects Event in Malvern, Pennsylvania, October 2003.

Guest Lecturer, Intellectual Property Law, James E. Beasley School of Law at Temple University, October 2003.

Practical Tips in Intellectual Property Law, ABA Annual IPL Conference, Washington, DC, April 2003.

Knowledge As Power - Using Trade Secrets As An Asset, Smart Business Now Magazine, March 2003.

The End of Dilution?, PBA Intellectual Property Newsletter, Spring 2003.

E-Commerce Legal & Practical Issues, presented at a PBI Seminar in Philadelphia, December 2002.

Guest Lecturer, Drug Products class, James E. Beasley School of Law at Temple University, December 2002.

Business Lawyers Institute, PBI Seminar, Philadelphia, October 2002.

Intellectual Property in Business Transactions, PBI Seminar, Philadelphia, April 2002.

Intellectual Property Insurance & Internet Jurisdiction, PDI Counter Point, January 2002.

Cartoon Spoils Pirate, PBA Intellectual Property Newsletter, Summer 2001.

Current Issues in Intellectual Property Law & E-Commerce, PBI Seminar, Philadelphia, April 2001.

Nonpirated Domain Name Problems, Intellectual Property & Technology Law Journal, January 2001.

The Perils of Domain Names, Small Business News Magazine, May 2000.

Understanding the Intellectual Property & Communications Omnibus Reform Act of 1999, PBI Seminar, Philadelphia & Pittsburgh, March 2000.

Legal Decisions Related to Media Developments and Anti-Counterfeiting, International Anti-Counterfeiting Coalition, Chicago, October 1999.

Turning Your Business into An Invention, Small Business News Magazine, September 1999.

Software & Intellectual Property Licensing Agreements, PBI Seminar, Philadelphia & Pittsburgh, May 1999.

What Your Employees Store On Your Computers Can Cost, Small Business News Magazine, May 1999.

Trademark Counterfeiting, Aspen Law & Business Publishers, May 1999 (several authors).

Are Shrink-wrap and Click-wrap Licenses Enforceable?, Pennsylvania Bar News, December 1998.

National Multi-District Injunctions and Orders of Seizure, presented at the International Anti-Counterfeiting Coalition in Austin, Texas, May 1998.

Counter Attack on Counterfeiting and Diversion, Pharmaceutical International Lawyers Seminar, New York City, January 1998.