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We are attorneys who think and act like entrepreneurs and business people.

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We know from practical experience what it takes to make things happen in the real world.

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We are multi-disciplinary practitioners whose prime focus is to support the growth of your enterprise and help you protect your hard-earned assets.


We combine sophisticated, cost-effective legal counseling with the type of sound practical judgment that comes from hands-on business experience.  We encourage entrepreneurial approaches and creative thinking, while maintaining the utmost in integrity and responsiveness.  RCCB understands and delivers the advice that companies, business executives and investors, as well as individuals and their families, need to realize their hopes and goals.


The reason we work so hard is the same reason you do: ambition. We are driven by the pulse of the entrepreneurial spirit. We thrive on a quickened pace. But our hearts also beat for family, for community, for camaraderie, and for the values that bring deeper meaning into focus. Our broad perspective brings us the ability to work smarter and more efficiently. We are a team that appreciates how combined strengths can build pathways where obstacles once stood. Working together, we empower ambition.


What separates RCCB from other firms is what connects us to you. We are lawyers who also think like business people. We know from practical experience what it takes to make things happen in the real world – it takes a sophisticated level of understanding that can only come from having been there ourselves.


Having started RCCB from scratch and built it with hard work and dedication, we view ourselves as proud, card-carrying entrepreneurs. Add to that varied backgrounds as business owners, general counsel and other operational roles, and you can see what makes us tick. We support businesses, as well as their owners, investors, and executives. Whether you are focused on your venture or personal wealth planning for you and your family, our practical approach and business acumen provide us with the ability to innovate, to be flexible when necessary, and to excel with a responsive, high-touch approach to our work.


We can genuinely say that we know where you’re coming from. We’ve lived it and loved it, and we are relentless in our pursuit to identify the best ways to apply our unique perspective to your legal needs. The diversity we bring to the table in our professional backgrounds enables us to align an array of trusted advisors to create solutions for your particular matter. We do not succeed until you do, and we do not rest until we empower your ambition and transform it into the realization of your goals.

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Combining diverse perspectives as Am Law and boutique firm alumni, former in-house counsel, and other leadership roles, as well as builders of our own firm, we see our legal work through a client lens. 
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