The International Lawyers Network Speaks with David Gitlin on Legal Networking and His Passions

, ILN Podcast
, August 8, 2023

PodcastTune in to the latest episode of the International Lawyers Network podcast featuring David Gitlin, a distinguished partner at RCCB and a proud member of the International Lawyers Network (ILN).
ILN’s Lindsay Griffiths and David delve into the world of legal networking and relationship-building. Discover why fostering strong connections isn't just a professional strategy, but a path to genuine fulfillment.
Beyond the courtroom, David and Lindsay discuss David's kaleidoscope of passions. Despite his unwavering commitment to the law, he's managed to cultivate a rich tapestry of interests that might just inspire you to explore new horizons.
"You meet tons of interesting people. It has enriched my life far and above just pure practice of law, and so what does that teach you? It teaches you that you have to approach your job, really not as a job, but as a ... it's almost like a calling. You really need to care enough to put yourself in the client's shoes, make their problems your problems, and feel like you are really contributing to somebody's life. -  David Gitlin

Whether you are a fellow lawyer, service provider, client, or someone intrigued by the art of juggling passions, there's something here for everyone.
Hear more of David's insights in the latest Law Firm ILN-telligence podcast:



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