RCCB Partner David Gitlin Named to Philadelphia Business Journal Best of the Bar

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, November 15, 2021
Gitlin, a transaction lawyer with an international focus, worked on a string of deals recently. In December, he acted as local U.S. counsel on behalf of shareholders, including Israeli private equity fund Tene Capital, in the sale of all the stock of Israel-based provider of turnkey parking site solutions TIBA Group to Italian company FAAC for $135 million. In February, he represented the shareholders of Finnish tech company AppGyver Inc. in the sale of the company to SAP SE. And in July, he represented Geneva, Switzerland-based consulting firm DuPont Sustainable Solutions in its acquisition of Boston’s KKS Advisors and London’s KKS Advisors Limited.

Who has been your chief professional mentor and what is the biggest lesson you learned from that person? When I joined Wolf Block as a first-year associate, George Brantz was the then chair of Wolf Block’s corporate department. Back then I was naively self-confident and had no clue what was expected of me. George was a retired Army major and Harvard Law grad who demanded excellence and attention to every minute detail. He was notorious for having a box of tissues on his desk for distressed associates to use in times of need. George did not make my life easy but molded me into the lawyer I am today. I was truly blessed to benefit from such training and, eventually, from his friendship as well. I am particularly proud of never having to use his box of tissues. 

What is your biggest pet peeve when it comes to fictional accounts of lawyers and lawyering? Good lawyers are smart, effective and ethical. They bring great value to their clients. There are also bad lawyers who are neither of the above and some of such fictional accounts are, unfortunately, not so fictional. Also, no real lawyer talks the way TV lawyers talk. Can’t stand those shows. 

What is your favorite restaurant in the Philadelphia region and your go-to dish there? There are too many restaurants and dishes I love. I cannot chose one favorite [but like] Double Knot, Vedge and Blue Corn. Diversity is the spice of life. 

What needs to happen for more women and minority lawyers to become managing partners and chairs of law firms? We need to give more opportunities to talented women and minorities to succeed. Women are already some of the most effective managing partners, just as they are some of the most effective heads of state. 

If there was a legal matter of historical significance that you could have handled, which one would you pick and why? Being a prosecutor in the Nuremberg trials. It was my senior project in high school 



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